For a century, mastectomy stood as the sole recourse against breast cancer. However, in the 1970s, a paradigm shift emerged as experts recognized the efficacy of breast conservation therapy alongside mastectomy.

Enter Save Your Breast—an epochal chapter in women's healing. Our distinctive approach seamlessly intertwines oncology and plastic surgery, providing a groundbreaking alternative to conventional mastectomy or lumpectomy. This harmonious method, known as oncoplasty, allows us to fully remove the cancer without compromising the patient’s quality of life after their treatment is done.

Join us in embracing this new era of hope and beauty in breast cancer treatment, where oncoplasty offers patients fewer surgeries, faster recovery, and the preservation of their body's natural form.

"Save Your Breast is one of the biggest reasons I can confidently look forward to the future. I got to walk away knowing that the cancer is gone, and my body is intact."

Oncoplasty Defined

Oncoplasty refers to a specialized technique wherein the removal of cancerous tissue (onco) is seamlessly integrated with reconstructive procedures (plasty). The overarching objective of oncoplasty is to harmonize the principles of oncology with those of plastic surgery, ultimately achieving a comprehensive treatment that not only effectively eradicates cancer but also preserves the natural form and aesthetic integrity of the breast. This nuanced and artistic approach reflects the duality inherent in oncoplasty, positioning it as a refined and transformative method in the spectrum of breast cancer care.

The Benefits

Why Oncoplasty?

Since the cancer removal and reconstruction are done at the same time, the vast majority of our patients have a comprehensive plan where their surgical treatment is completed in one step, offering them a shorter recovery and superior aesthetic results as compared to mastectomy and reconstruction. They are able to return to life within a few weeks as opposed to 8-12 weeks with other methods.

The recovery is similar to lumpectomy surgery: driving by one week, back to work by two weeks, full activity by four weeks.

By combining the reconstruction with the lumpectomy procedure, We are able to fully remove the cancer, preserve the natural breast shape, and minimize any deformity of the breast. In addition, the opposite breast can be reshaped at the same time if desired, to maintain symmetry.

What it could mean for you...

Fewer Surgeries

Faster Recovery

Your Body Intact

Case Spotlight: Oncoplasty Reshapes Patient's Treatment Journey

Read the details of one of our 2,000+ Oncoplastic Cases. This woman, like so many of our other patients, was told that mastecytomy was the only option.

Step 1: Fellowship trained breast Radiologist identifies the lesions

57 year old female with multifocal lesions. LEFT invasive lobular CA 8:30 SBR 6/9, 3 cm from nipple. Posteria depth, Spans 10 mm, ER/PR Pos, HER2 neg, Ki67 = 10%.Second Lesion: 1:00-AFD (r/o DCIS) more superficial.

Step 2: Meticulous surgical markings done by Dr. Savalia, board certified plastic surgeon.

Step 3: The breast surgeon removes all three lesions in 1 large specimen. Accomplished with clean margins.

1 year post op. No recurrence to date 8 years later.

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Meet the team

Save Your Breast: Standing Out from the Rest

2008- Where it all began

In selecting your medical team, patients naturally seek the expertise of highly skilled professionals. At Save Your Breast, we pride ourselves on employing a collaborative approach that integrates the skills of various specialists, including oncologists, breast cancer surgeons, plastic surgeons, and breast surgical oncologists. This combined expertise forms a cohesive and multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing unparalleled care.

Our cadre of accomplished doctors at Save Your Breast individually reaches the pinnacle of proficiency in their respective fields. Together, they form a collective force with a remarkable track record, having successfully completed over 2,000 Oncoplastic cases. This extensive experience serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of breast cancer treatment.

In addition to our clinical achievements, our doctors have actively contributed to the advancement of Oncoplasty. They have authored influential papers, enriching the knowledge base and educating fellow healthcare providers on the possibilities within this transformative technique. Beyond publications, our physicians actively engage in training initiatives, personally imparting their insights to other medical professionals.

This collaborative and comprehensive approach has yielded incredible results that, in many instances, were once deemed unattainable. The synergy among our specialists ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care, addressing the complexities of breast cancer through innovative and effective solutions. Save Your Breast stands at the forefront of Oncoplasty, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable and providing our patients with the best possible outcomes.

Meet the Founder

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